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art is living. my BLISS is discovering inspirations in a world that is full of beauty. it is crucial to exercise my passions everyday. aside from LOVE, it is what I live for.

resin, mosaics, ceramics, fluid art, mixed media, and music provide the basis for a journey in TRANSFORMATION that is always intriguing, and liberating. each piece is unique, inviting you to take a closer look to entertain your curiosity, and intrigue . when people enjoy my creations, and collaborations, it makes them even more rewarding. anything, and everything that allows me to discover new ways to CREATE, and live a creative life is what I strive for.

being an artist, singer/songwriter, garden beautifier, volunteering for my community, spending time in the gorgeous state of  idaho and beyond with my family and friends....just keeps filling me with gratitude. thank you!


christine thomas

aka "la resinista"

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